Last night my dreams were nightmares. I dreamt about both my parents. Both my parents are already dead. I can only vaguely remember the dream about my dad but I do remember the dream about my mum. I had my daughter with me and we were visiting my mum. Ah fuck it I’m not so sure it’s important about all the details. ¬†Anyway in the dream my mum had a type of blood cancer and I knew I could help cure her with alternative methods. She was unsure and didn’t want to listen. She had a team of people come to visit her, possibly McMillan, and she asked them about alternative cancer cures and they almost laughed. She listened to them over me and chose not to take any advice from me. It ended up in all kinds of anger between us and I decided I couldn’t stay and watch her waste away and die. I guess there’s lots of hidden meaning in these dreams. Maybe it’s less than hidden.¬†

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