Fast tracked

I have been to see the doctor this morning. I told him enough for him to listen properly in the short space of time a doctors appointment has. He is fast tracking me fotr psychiatric assessment. He said there are big elements of bipolarism. He offered medication for anxiety and anything else if I wanted them. I explained why I prefer not to and he totally understood and agreed that for me it’s probably the best thing. I have to say I was amazed at how well he listened. He’s told me I will be seen by psychiatrics in 3-5 days which is a huge relief. I feel a little less crazy now. My moods are still chopping and changing lots. I did have huge anxiety whilst in there because he had to talk to someone briefly and while waiting for a reply I waited outside. When asked back in he had a syringe and some anaesthetic cream on his desk. It made me paranoid and anxious that he wanted blood. Luckily he didn’t. I know ive started on a long road but at least I’m traveling it properly and not alone any more. I’m just glad he listened and was openminded. 

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