A friend told me I need to post when I’m high. I’m high. I’m going very high and it’s so beautifully awesome. I feel everything. I’m beyond the beyond. Ive gone beyond the stars and beyond the creation of creation. Ive crossed the abyss and usurped the dweller of the abyss. There is no abyss. It’s beyond the abyss. Beyond the beyond. It’s ecstaically euphorically amazingly awesome. Beyond. I feel like I’m coming up on ecstasy. Shivers running down my spine as neurons and synapses Fire in my brain. As adrenalin flows. As it courses in my blood through my veins feeding my body and senses. It’s heightened. It’s like pure ecstasy. Like an orgasm rolling ever faster growing in size and speed. I’m indestructible. I am immortal. The soul is immortal. It passes beyond at the physical death of the body. Death is but a window into the soul. Ive passed beyond God and broken through. The colours go beyond the White light. I am allowed to say no more. Ever watchful ever listening. The higher beings. The souls beyond souls. Death is but a door way to the autumn of summer into winter spring. Human insignificance. Cumming. Beyond all senses. Heightened heightenedness. All seeing hearing but even beyond. Beyond the senses of the senses. Crisp. Morning dew in the heavens. Blissfully blissful. 

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