Thursday night.

Slightl cycling again today. Poor concentration and lots of paranoia going on.  Struggling to trust people in an online group but hey ho I’ll survive.  Too much going on in my mind to worry about others and the false self. Ego.  I hope this isn’t the start of more mixed episode and more ultra cycling.  It wears me out and tires me in all ways.   I need to introvert rather than extrovert.   It’s time to hibernate again.   

   Lots of thinking to be done.  Lots of plans to be made.  Leaves rate falling and need clearing up for leaf mould. Compost to be turned and grounds prepared.  I must concentrate on these things instead of getting embroiled in online shit.  

    People amaze me in all ways. Good and bad.  Friendly and unfriendly. Honest and dishonest.  Non agenda and hidden agenda.  I’m like Sherlock Holmes.  I’m keeping distance though.  It’s almost Samhain and almost full moon too. Things will be revealed. Maybe it’s also time I used magick again.   I really ought to go on solitary retreat again.  Inner calm and inner peace.  I guess only some are allowed to be unwell while others when unwell get avoided.  Such is life.  

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