Irritaions and emotions

I have an irritation. It’s based on emotions.  Not my emotions but others emotions.  Maybe this won’t be bipolar related but maybe it’s down to my own mind/bipolar obsessional thinking.  

Ok I have just been on the Facebook/Faceache/Fakebook.  I’ve seen someone sharing a video of a guy trying to explain intuition and he’s throwing in a few scientific snippets about particles etc and how there’s interaction between protons and electrons.  This person posted that it’s scientific fact that intuition is now explained.  The guy in the video isn’t a scientist.  He’s using snippets of information to give people the impression he is right.  It’s a form of conformation bias in my opinion.  This happens so much on social media.  People are sucked into thinking that its scientific when it’s not.  It happens lots with countless things.  Throw in some bits that loosely look like they corroborate what you’re saying and people take it as fact then they share it so others then believe it.  It’s very wrong and it’s dumbing people down.  I’ve been there.  I’ve been guilty of it.  What also irritates me about these things, let’s not even get into the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and her dangerous bullshit, is that people think they now have something that they know others don’t etc.  This is dumbing humanity down.  I’ve studied magick and a true magician knows that he knows nothing.  Often these people think that they’ve ‘awakened’ their ‘kundalini’ or are ‘enlightened’ but it couldn’t be further from the truth.  They’re caught up in one upmanship and they’ve been hoodwinked by charlatans like David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe, another highly dangerous twat.  Why do people need to think they’re better than others or know something that ‘they/them/illuminati’ are keeping hidden from the world. That they’ve come across this special knowledge and are now superior. Yes I do see the irony in me writing this post as it could be considered I’m doing the same.  My reason for thinking and feeling these things is that I do believe it’s holding most back from actually becoming their higher selves.  It’s a trap. An ego trap and it’s laid out right in front of them.   It’s why I question everything about myself and doubt myself so much all the time.    

My point is this shite is not scientific at all. 

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