Isolation and the online world

It’s time for more isolation. Time to withdraw further as there’s no point in being external. It’s a facade and others have bigger facades. The world is fake. The online world even more so. Trust nobody. They’re all out to get you. Anger simmers away. Don’t be led by others or follow others. Find your own path. It’s the only true way. Find your own true self. Find a guide or find your own inner guide. All others are from the demiurge. Not to be trusted. Agendas everywhere. Very few true souls are left in the world. All have agendas even though they think they don’t. They don’t see the true reality either. Boxed up in layers upon layers.  So isolation is the only way. Watch for the truth. Read what you can buy read between the lines however small the small print is. Share nothing for it will be used against you in one form or another. Find your holy guardian angel. Call upon it often. Summon it. And when it appears question it. Push it. Test it until it’s shown to be the real entity that it is demon or angel. Put the demons down. Push them back into place. Cast them out. Mankind has so very little kind left.    Trust no one




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