Being sensible

Today has started wet.  It will dry out around mid day. I’ve 2 inside jobs I could of gone too but instead I decided to be very sensible, instead of just chasing the wage, and take a few hours out.  I’ve been unwell with a nasty stomach virus and having got over it I’ve been back to work and it’s been hot.  Far too often I get caught up in just working lots trying to get head with money. It’s quite crazy to do this as it can be very detrimental to my health in all respects and I end up getting unwell mentally and or physically.  As I get older I’m noting it more and acting upon it sooner.  By doing this I can stop it lasting so long and with mental unwellness it can often stop what could be the start of a big episode. It’s taken a long while to get to this stage of being able to recognise these things early enough.  Often these things can creep up on me.  What I have noticed is when they start to I don’t double question the little things, as that in itself can start them, very much these days.  I’ve found that using logic where possible helps this enormously.

  I’ve noticed that most of the time my year seems to go in a circle but with each passing year I can tweak it and ease the bad bits out.  Yet again I’m almost up to the hilt of my £10k business overdraft, I’ve £6 available, towards the end of August.  This happens most years and last year was no exception.  The end of December last year saw the business account with just under £10k in it.  That’s a huge turnaround and I’ve noticed my thinking has again switched to business and getting ahead with money, as it usually does this time of year.  This year however I’m not only going to replicate it I’m going to keep onto that money instead of it dissipating. What I won’t do however is half kill myself doing it.  That only leads to a crash in mental and physical energy for the first few months of the new year.  I will formulate a plan to take more short breaks from work to refresh myself.  Earlier this year Fynn and I did fish a lot and it made a huge difference although it did cut into my bank balance. You can’t buy those memories though and it’s worth it. 

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