A week of less work

This week is flowing by even though I’m not working very much.  I’ve been sleeping lots. I’m getting my usual 7 1/2 – 8 hours a night and 2 or so hours during the day.  I need to start bringing myself back to ‘reality’ again as I’ve lots of pricing and bill making to do.  I’ve had some time for introspection and although not enough it’s made me realise I need to find a decent balance in life again.  Debts won’t disappear on their own and plans need to be in place to help clear them.  I’ve realised I’m getting older. My body has started to give signs of this.  It’s not always doing what I want it too and I’m some ways it’s good but in others it’s bad.  It’s sad too in some ways.  What’s struck me the most is I have no plans for how I’ll survive later in life.  I can’t keep working so hard within the building trade into older age that’s for sure.  So I guess I have to firm decent plans ASAP and that May will mean working even harder short term.  More missing is needed.  I also think that I made a wise decision by taking some time off.  It’s helped me not slip down the slippery mental slope again.   At least not yet.  I guess it’s about self care and self awareness.  Keeping a good track on my own mental state.  If I can continue to keep things pretty good maybe I’ll see about going meds free in a few more months.  It’s taken some time to fully settle after dropping the dose.  I did have a few blips but it seems to of settled back at the level I was at before dropping them a bit.   Who knows. 

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