Signs? What to do

I’ve been meditating a bit again.  This morning I’ve meditated about 15 minutes.  What I saw was that I constantly put up obstacles to hinder myself.  I’ve seen how others are out to fuck me over too and I find it so funny that those who are of lower intelligence think they’re smart and clever yet they’re only fooling themselves.  I don’t subscribe to religion but there’s a saying that rings true ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’   How true this is.  Such small mindedness most have.  I will rise above it.  I don’t live a life of gossip. Again that’s small minded.  People need to keep their noses out because vengeance will hit them.  I rise above.  Stupid ignorant pigs.  My mind is busy.  Do I let it flow or stem the flow? That’s the 60 million dollar question.  Stem it and it’s mundaneness that reigns.  Let it flow and madness comes with the genius.  Cross me and fury will flow freely.  Maybe even violence.  Ah violence.  It’s pure isn’t it. It’s raw.  Animalistic.  Instinctual.  We’re just animals really.  Don’t cast your stones against me. I hold large rocks and stand on high.  Let the world burn. 

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