On the piss again

I’m having a piss up.  I had one Friday. So far it seems real beer, not shite, is ok to drink.  Sufuckingperb. All is good.  The aliens will visit when they’re ready and when I allow them to.  Earth is my planet and I’m superman. Let’s all a anaesthetise ourselves from the harsh cruel reality of life.  We’re all going to die. Some of us more violently than others.  Some lingering in a slow painful drawn out death.  However it’s coming for us all.  Maybe I should have a metamorphosis  into the grim reaper.  Maybe I already am.  Super reaper.  Haha.  I’m alive and well. Good.  Fuck off. Haha. Everyone has their own battles even if we never see them.  Just be kind because there truly are some horrible cunts out there.   

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