Long day..

It’s been a very long day. I’ve been out for 12 1/2 hours today. I’m feeling a bit manic, but at least I’m aware of it. I’m avoiding social media too and I’ve deleted my Facebook account.  I’ve been trying to focus on myself only and on my enlightenment.  

I’m reading ‘The Golden Thread of Time’  which, so far, is a really good book. It’s really interesting how the Celtic cross very possibly was used to measure out for buildings, survey mountains etc and also to navigate the planet.  Well worth a read in my opinion. 

So where am I at? Well I guessing still me and still chipping away at trying to understand myself and my mind. It’s been hard to be really present lately but I’m getting there again so alls good I guess. Much like life. Life is good. Life is beautiful. The more we focus on something the more we bring that into our lives and into ourselves. 

I’ve not been writing in the mornings because I’m leaving the house pretty early.  Work is mad at the moment but it’s getting pretty good now. 

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