It’s Friday, happy days

It’s Friday again and I’m reasonably happy.  I’ve got maybe 2 hours work to do today and then I’m home to get in the office and do some prices. Work is really busy and after my 2 hours I can make another bill out too. Hurrah. I’m starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. 

I can’t remember if I mentioned it or not but I’ve joined a bipolar forum where lots of things can get discussed. I had a funny moment last night because I posted up asking if anyone has any blogs they recommend and I mentioned that I write this for my personal record. So far a few people read my post but no one has commented. Well last night before bed I realised I felt paranoid about not getting replies and started thinking that they’re either ignoring me, thinking I’m trying to promote this blog which I’m not or they don’t like me. I found it funny that a forum full of people who can get paranoid must be a strange place to open up at times and it must be really good for having to deal with ones paranoia and any anxiety about social interaction too! I also thought maybe they don’t like me and that’s actually ok. I’m fine with that.  It’s helped me realise that as long as I’m happy with myself that’s all that really matters. 

I emailed asking about the retreat I had used earlier this year and it’s available for 10 days in December. I’m going to email back and hopefully have the first 3-4 days so that I’m relaxed before Christmas. I’m already looking forwards to it. It will be great having a goal to keep me going and also having a cut off point for work, a definite date where I am ‘away’. Great. 

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