Slow start to Sunday but getting faster

I got up at 6:10 with my son and we watched Star Wars episode 2. The day started slowly enough, I went back upstairs to read about 9:30 and dozed a little but since getting up I’ve started getting really busy. I’ve been tidying toys away and I’ve even tidied my office up too !

Last night I had 2 pints of beer and it really affected me. As I tried to go to sleep my thoughts got quicker and quicker. In the end it took kits of effort to kind of meditate and control it. I nearly got up at 11 to watch films but knew it would be hugely detrimental to the week ahead if I did. The thoughts got faster and faster and it even made my body restless too. My legs got jittery and I was unsettled. I was tired when I got up this morning but I’m ok. 

It’s now 2:30 and I think it’s time to go for a walk on the beach with the kids. 

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