Afterthoughts of the retreat

I’ve been back from the retreat for 2 days now and I’ve almost settled back into the insanity that we call normal reality. I don’t think I will ever be fully the same again because having time alone to reflect fully upon my life journey has changed me and how I see things. I’m always going to be who I am and that is something I’ve come to realise. However much I change I’m still me. I will always be me, always questioning myself and questioning life and it’s beauty.  

While there I kind of decided to fast for 24 hours and stay awake for 24 hours to prepare myself for contact with my Holy Guardian Angel. After contemplation though I realised it was just myself putting conditions upon myself. In the end I told the HGA that I was there and ready but needed to keep to my circadian rhythms, I guess I let go at that point to allow things to happen naturally. I ate that evening and went to bed as normal. It was the next morning after a ritual that it happened. I sat down, relaxed and used a Native American technique which involves controlled breathing and relaxed body and mind with focus. Then it naturally flowed with ease.

Having gained the knowledge and conversation with my Holy Guardian Angel is a truly remarkable thing but at the same time it’s just another step along my path. I had previously had this experiential happening about 14-15 years ago but didn’t fully understand how or why it had happened. This time I had put in several months of predatory ritual practice. After having attained it again I’m ready to move along more and further upon my path. Maybe I should become a teacher of life’s Mysteries. It was suggested to me on Friday that if make a good teacher or guide and a good counsellor by two separate people. Maybe I will. I’m certainly open to it far more than I’ve ever been before. I have helped a few people out with advice and counsel in the past. I could also help others to gain contact with their own HGA.  

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