I’m level

I am level again. Properly level. I don’t know if it will last long but over the last few days the level feeling has crept back in and has lasted a little longer each time.  Tomorrow I have work to do but will wake up when my body needs to and go to work when I’m ready and finish when I’m ready to.  People, no not people, friends have been telling me I need to look after myself instead of thinking of others first. They’re right and always have been. There are some people who know me and are in my life who read this blog and I want to say to you all that I love you and you are all such beautiful people.  You’ve been a huge support to me and I am yet again thankful that you’re here In my life in the many forms it takes.  Tomorrow I may well be unwell again but I’ll face whatever having bipolar can throw at me. It certainly couldn’t throw much more at me than it has these last few weeks and this last year.  It has literally nearly killed me, well I have, several times but I’m stronger again.  Life is such a beautiful thing and I am once again appreciating it’s beauty.  I’m not sure if anyone else reads this but if you’re reading this and struggling then do get help, do tell friends you really are struggling, do call Samaritans, mind or your doctor/hospital because although paranoia will tell you not to for various reasons they really are there to help.  I need to make an appointment to see my GP again. I wish I could of spoken to her Monday night instead of getting cut off twice.  Luckily I had the number for Mind stored on my phone.  I have been at crisis point on and off, mostly on, for the last few weeks and especially last weekend.   People do really want us to be as well as we can be.  


Once again much love and many thanks for all that you all do for me. I love you all. X

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