Things going on etc

A couple of weeks back i did some healing on someone. As i initially started at their neck i got a huge ”download” of what theyve been through in life and the trauma they’ve experienced. What really struck me was the pain they carry hidden, very possibly compartmentalised. The people that were involved with this were into the occult. I knew that by doing the healing session it would very possibly make them aware of me. I was quite correct too. I have been under psychic/occult attack since then but its only just fully dawned on me. Now I know what I’m dealing with I can move forwards. Its interesting to note the physical ailments attached to the attack too. I think the biggest surprise for me is that I am once again drawn into the occult/esoteric world. It’s been a double or triple prong attack too. I guess because I’ve remained hidden for several years I had forgotten how swift these things can be. High time for some ritual protection again. I’m hoping that the person i did healing on isn’t feeling too much themselves as iI was trying to draw the attacks away from them. Hopefully they are.

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