Friday night is superb. Woohoo

I have had a good day myself, although I had some bad news confirmed by a friend regarding his partner. I’m trying to see if I can do anything to help and am looking into things for them.

I’m a little concerned that I think I’ve been level for the last two days but I think the reality is I’ve not been level. I’ve just dropped from way way way high a tiny bit. I guess what I mean is my moods have settled at high for now.  

Anyway at least I have some focus back at work and have been arranging things again.  I had been avoiding phone messages but luckily I have very good customers. One customer was exceptionally nice.  She knows I have some issues and I explained a bit more today and that I have an appointment on Monday. As I was talking to her her husband came home. He asked what she was on about and after she got off the phone she told him. He asked her to phone back to tell me not to worry about pricing their work yet. He said that they want me to get better and the work can wait and that they want to use me as I’ve been highly recommended and how they understand mental health issues.  What lovely people. I guess by being open it has helped me. 

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