Slight cycling

Yesterday I cycled a little but it was very mild. Mostly I was and am hypomanic. My normal state.  My thinking is becoming clearer again and things are settling down again. I’ve had some confusions but all is becoming good again I hope.  I have realised that my coping mechanisms do work extremely well and I need to fine tune them.  I need to be more aware of the triggers and of dates etc that can or might affect me.  Taking time off from work is possibly the one thing I need to keep on top of and to make sure I actually do.   Life can take over or work certainly can.  It’s nice feeling back inside myself. I’m almost me again. Hurray.  I’m slightly concerned about normal health but I expect some payback for the mixed ultra fast cycling episode.  I’m winning. I will always be winning.  I’m getting my mojo back and it’s good. My passion is coming back too.  I’ve realised that I have to focus on myself far more and be a little more selfish.  Life is good and I will take the rough with the smooth. It’s fine.  Life is for the living.  We are a long time dead and there’s no second chances in life.  Talking of which we have the opportunity to rent 3 acres of land and I can maybe grow even more food there. Ideally I’d like to get better at it and then start maybe selling some. We will have 2 horses there initially and maybe some other animals. A cow possibly or maybe lambs and a pig or two.  I want some ducks and chickens.  Who knows. We need to talk to the farmer and see what he would be happy with us doing.  Plans for life are always good.  I even said to my wife that it all sounds good but I need to double check myself that I’m not just getting caught up in dreams rather than ideals and reality. So far so good.  

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