Watching someone you care a lot about who is deep in grief is one of the hardest things I think I’ve ever had to do. I know that that person needs help ASAP but the NHS are ping ponging them around the system. I’ve offered to help them pay to get private counselling ASAP but i think that they’re refusing the offer for now. It hurts because I’ve been through this and I know the quicker one gets help the quicker recovery starts. I’d also say they are in a mental breakdown too. It pains me to watch and not be able to just take that grief into myself away from them. I see them using them using the same coping mechanisms I did like constantly scrolling Facebook and using various other distraction techniques. They’re drifting along in a semi-conscious state, their sleep is poor and I know all of these things compound to make things worse for longer. I have to be a strong friend for them as much as I’m able but fuck me it hurts watching it all unfold knowing that’s exactly how I was. All I can do is be there as much as they want me to be and to keep sending them love and healing.

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