Life is crazy but good

Life is pretty busy at the minute. I’m pushing the business along and it’s going well. Life is changing fast though. I’ve filed for divorce and want the house sold asap. Too much has gone on to mention but recently I took off for 8 days and visited loads of places in the UK. I didn’t make it to Scotland but did get near the bottom of Cornwall and into wales. I met 4 virtual friends in real life and stayed with some of them while away. It’s made me reconsider life and I might very well leave the UK eventually. My plans from earlier in the year still stand. Fynn wants to live with me which I think is for the best. He will be working with me soon. So many other things going on in life but I can’t mention them yet but some of it will be life changing again! It’s all good. In fact its utterly brilliant. Kara and I both need to move on. She’s already started in some respects. I guess I have too but enough of that for now. The sooner we can sell the house the better in my opinion. I want my money out to invest. I know she will need her half to live off. Fortunately for the most part we still get on quite well. I still take her a cup of tea up to her in her room in the morning. I think eventually once it’s all settled and dealt with we will get on reasonably ok but who knows! All I know is I’m finally falling in love with the person I should’ve loved all along….myself! It’s sad to realise I’ve not even liked myself at times let alone loved being me. That changed while away. My confidence is back up and lots who actually know me would get quite a surprise if they saw me now as I’m very lean and muscular and twice last week I saw people who’d not seen me for 3 or so months and they actually didn’t recognise me! I now shave almost every day too as well as go to a very good Turkish barber for the full works once a month. It’s amazing how when one takes care of themselves, learns to love themselves and has great confidence that lots of the opposite sex suddenly become very interested! Enough of that for now though! I’m still manifesting my perfect dream life snd it’s falling into place nicely too. Life really is beautiful.

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