Moving on

Life is changing again. The house will be going on the market soon once it’s tidier and I’m looking forwards to moving on. Kara still has a lot of stuff to get shifted but is slowly making some effort since I’ve been getting things tidied. She and Rhiannon moved to her mums about 7 weeks ago now. Fynn is still living with me and will move with me once the house is sold. The house is much cleaner and we are eating better and at a regular time in the evening too! He’s working with me too and his goals in life are similar to mine. He’s got a great work ethic and it will see him go far in life. My focus now is back to forging ahead in life and business and helping Fynn gain more confidence, it’s come on lots since Kara and Rhiannon moved out and several customers have pointed out he’s happier and more confident. I had a chat with the Youth Project a few weeks back, as I had to drop him off there because Kara was late yet again in arriving to pick him up and luckily I was here, she was over 40 minutes late coming to pick him up on his birthday too which was very disrespectful seeing as she arranged the time with him and he was quite upset about it, and they said he speaks highly of me and all the things we do together. Kara and I have been separated about 16 months now and divorce has been underway around 3 months but she’d not mentioned a thing to the youth project about the separation and they were quite surprised. I also gave them Fynn’s own bank details so his wages can go in his own bank rather than the joint account because Kara hadn’t sorted that yet either. I know that in the past she had used his wages from the joint account before paying them into his account at a later date. Several years ago she also emptied Fynn and Rhiannon’s bank accounts of about £6-7k to spend the money on the horses. It was money I had put in there every month to save for their futures only for their mother to take it away and spend on the horses she had on loan. She was the only person able to access their accounts too! Fynn has seen this too because he’s been back through his online statements. Rhiannon will have access to her accounts too now she’s 18 and will be able to see how much was taken too. So many other things have come to light but I’m not sure whether I’ll mention those or not. Suffice to say I worked my arse off constantly trying to get us ahead as a family only for it to be blown away on other things. I was paying Kara a monthly wage of a little under £800 a month too as well as her working the 2 part time jobs she has and I’m wondering where a fair chunk of all that went, I’m guessing that was the horses and her sheep too because I pay almost all of the household bills and was paying her mobile phone bill, her car road tax, all of her cars garage bills and I even used to pay her tax bill each year and she used to often berate me about not having enough money and mocked me over many things. She’s accused me of some nasty things too yet right up until several days after we separated she stayed sleeping in the same bed as me. I’ll leave it there for now though! Life is getting better.

EDIT: I have also been in touch with the psychologist I used to see at the mental health hospital regarding getting private therapy as there’s so much more that I should probably talk with her about.

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