Wow! Life and other things

Wow! Life is moving in such a beautiful way now. All kinds of things are happening and underway. The divorce is 1/2 way through. Fynn is working with me pretty much full time now and is learning fast. He’s also setting himself goals at work as well as life. He now also has goals written out each month as well as longer term goals. He’s reading for at least 1/2 hour each day now too and has already read Think And Grow Rich. He’s moved onto The Compound Effect, which he’s ploughing through. I bought him a copy of The Secret Of The Ages, which he might read next but we e also got The Psychology Of Money, Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind, Rich Habits and The Science Of Getting Rich lined up ready too. We are both now investing in stocks and shares and he’s keeping an eye on that each morning too. He’s also putting money aside each month into an ETF of Indian companies for longer term and also into Trading 212’s 5.2% interest earning scheme so that he has “opportunity money” at the ready to deploy if a good opportunity arises plus it’s earning some interest too. I’ve a very good friend who I’ve now got investing too and she’s picked some good shares too. One of which is only 3 weeks old trading on Trading 212 and is a gold and other precious metals exploration company. Life really is good. The house is on the market too and if it sells around the marketed price it will give Kara a good start in the next part of her life if she uses it well. I really do wish her the best in life from here onwards too. I’m certainly making the best of life now. It’s all good.

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