Lessons learnt from SR

I’m still on my path of semen retention. I never thought I’d be doing this or that I could have the energies which come from it. Napoleon Hill wrote about using the sexual energy to gain focus and insights in his book Think And Grow Rich. Chapter 11 is about that energy and using it. I’m still using a breathing technique in the evening to shift the energy upwards. This really ought to be studied more in depth. It encompasses our subconscious and our creative imagination. I’m still also doing body weight workouts about 5:30am pretty much every morning but this week I’ve started lifting weights again too. I’m keeping my diet pretty strict and on the odd occasion that I have something with sugar in now I notice it gives me a lot of wind and bloating. I’d say my diet is more Leto based now with more meat eaten. My abs are showing too as well as my obliques and my physical energy levels are great. I’m meditating at least 2-3 times per day again too. It’s funny how sex used to have a hold over me until I understood and harnessed that energy and have started using it to better myself in life. This energy can similarly be harnessed by women too. I now have goals in many other things too. Sleep is still very important to me and I get a good 7-8 hours of solid restful sleep each night. It’s all good.

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