Angel Numbers

This weekend a lot of Angel Numbers have cropped up. I find it extremely intriguing too as I’m kind of going through a metamorphosis. I started a group course based on certain principles last week and I think this is all part of a much greater whole. Things have accelerated since starting the course, I won’t mention what it is yet, and it’s helping me to tie up many loose ends in my life. I know huge change is coming and started in October last year. It picked up speed then onwards and more so since I seriously started semen retention and being super strict with my lifestyle. Each passing day I gain more self mastery too and from last week onwards I’m gaining a greater understanding of my mind and my thinking. Not only my thinking but how to control it. I see it as hugely beneficial to my mental health. I’ve been meds free since October too and have never felt more in myself and much more aware. Once things have progressed more I’ll open up about it but quite honestly I think it can be life changing for many in the world. Back to the Angel Numbers…just wow. It all ties in. They really do mark out important times in our lives. For once I’m kind of letting life flow yet still being in control. I guess I’m going with life rather than forcing. So much has happened the last 4 months it’ll take a while to fully sink in. There’ll be a lot of transitioning to come too. There’s a certain person in life I eventually hope to make peace with too but that will happen if it happens. I fucked them off and just hope it will heal. No more forcing. Just allowing it to happen. Lots to think about but not think about thinking.

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