Day 21

So here I am. Day 21 of semen retention and so far it’s reasonably tough this morning. Yesterday was similar. My testosterone is probably peaking again, which seems to happen every 6-7 days, as I’m horny as fuck right now and can feel huge masculine energy simmering inside me. I’ll hz file it because I know what it is. Before SR it would’ve driven me pretty crazy feeling like this. I’m using that energy in a different way now though. It’s fuelling my workouts and my life. I’m funnelling it with ficus to improve my life and increase my workload and productivity. Living a semi monk type life isn’t easy but it’s starting to be rewarding. I’m getting some inner strength which I didn’t think I’d ever be able to access. The control over mind comes too. I’ve never lacked focus and drive when needed but this is so very different. I guess it’s the I AM energy within me. We all have this. Often we don’t know it though.

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