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A builder in the UK

Cabin fever

It’s still snowy here, we’ve had almost a week of bad weather, and it’s starting to get to me.  We’ve hardly been out. I’ve not worked a full week either.  I’d not want to be stuck on a space station that’s for sure.  Maybe it’s because I have a cold as well as the ground being frozen that I feel like this.  There’s very little I can do outside.  I’ve pottered about in the polytunnel but that’s about it.   I’ve had biliary colic a bit for the last 2 days as well.  I guess I ought to go back to the doctors again and see what they think. It was mentioned that if it flares up again I could get referred for surgery.  I’d rather avoid that but I’d also not want it to get a bit more serious.  

Goals have been slower lately.  I need to whip myself back into shape and crack on.  No point just lingering in life.  I need to push myself along.  I guess once the sun comes out again I’ll get an energy boost and get lifted.  I feel slow. Too slow.  I need energy again.  It’ll happen I’m sure.  Maybe I need more outside contact again.  I have no contact with friends really. I’m not sure I have close friends or special now.  Such is life.  Easy to loose contact. 

Waking up early and other such nonsense

I’m waking up about 5:30 most mornings now but sometimes earlier.  I think some of it is a little anxiety but not sure.  Maybe my sleep patterns have changed a bit.  Who knows.  I think some of it is down to having lots of work to price, which is good, and some of it is a bit of an off shoot of getting low on meds just over a week ago and eking them out a bit by taking half dose.  The lower dose did affect me and it’s made me realise that if and when I come off them I’m going to have to taper off gently.  Dropping down to half over night isn’t great and was bumpy as hell.  I felt like I was going to start an episode but now think it was more the sudden change in meds amount that hit me instead.  My confidence hasn’t been as high as usual the last week either.  I’m getting back on track again now though and I knew that a few days of lower meds then going back to full would take at least a week to get over.  I had wondered if it was psychosomatic but I’m quite sure it was as I have kept to my usual strict routine.   My mourning routine is the thing that keeps me on a good path.  It sets me up for the day ahead.   Once I’ve been up for an hour or so my body and mind catch up with each other and wake up properly together.     I’m also quite aware that it’s usual to feel edgy this time of year as it’s just been both of my children’s birthdays and in just over another week it will be the 10th anniversary of my mum dying.   It’s usually a tricky time regarding my mind.  I’m still in a pretty good place regardless of a few strange dreams that have involved certain threats to myself.  

Thoughtfulness, waking early and tetchyness

I’ve been waking up a bit earlier than usual for a few days. This morning I was awake at 4am but dozed off and woke up several times before getting up at 6am. I’ve noticed my mood has been slightly different for a few days. Some of this I put down to the mornings starting to get light earlier and some of it down to only taking half my usual dose of Lamotrigine for a few days as I was running out.  Some of it is down to my children’s birthdays and the anniversary of my mother dying. I’m being watchful anyway. Also my wife is rubbing me up the wrong way and I’m biting my lip over a few things with her.  I guess that’s life. I’m not sure I’d want to live with me when I’m irritable or tired let alone in an episode.  I’ve decided to kick my own arse a bit again as a few things were slipping. Hitting my goals for one and also keeping on top of paperwork as well. Such is life. At least I’m not off my head so to speak and am able to keep a good amount of focus on it all. 

Life and living

Ive been mulling lots over the last few days.  I’ve been thinking about life and death and what a human existence is really about.  My own existence mostly I guess but humans in general.  Even animals.  Maybe even the whole universe.  What are we really and where does everything really come from?  For now I’m happy to let them be as they are, and that’s kind of fleeting thoughts, thoughts that I don’t follow too deeply as it can be a rabbit hole.  I’m not too interested in going down another rabbit hole again.  Anyway so I’ve been musing it a little while at work.  

Work is very busy and my plans are still going kind of as I had planned.  I’ve forgotten a few little things the last few days.  Things like stretching in the morning and also writing out my daily work goals on my phone so I can tick things off as I go along.  I usually set time targets for certain jobs too.  I feel I’ve drifted a little as I’ve not written them out but I’ve still been really busy and productive.  I’m still mostly on track with my morning and daily routines but I will write out my normal morning routine on my phone or iPad later.  One thing I have been doing is checking emails not long after getting up at 6 ish instead of waiting until after 7.  I even had thoughts about Facebook and some Facebook friends today but realised my mind wasn’t focused and was trying to trick me back down the Facebook road.  I quickly took can the of it again though so all good.  I certainly don’t miss all of the online drama anymore or the paranoia that it can bring.  

 I’d better write out my morning routine while I think of it now.  

Seeing my cpn

Today I had an appointment with my cpn.  He came to mine, he normally does as it’s easier for us both and it’s on his way home.  He was a bit late but that was ok. We chatted about things and where I’m at. We spoke about Christmas and things.  He asked about the plans I had before Christmas regarding property etc and I said the plans are still in place and how I’m hitting goals etc.  He told me how impressed and in awe of how I’ve done and how much I can do. He’s pretty amazed at how well I cope and how I keep myself well. We even talked about possibly going med free at some point.  He’s a really nice bloke but in a way I hope I don’t see him again in a professional manner because I’m now discharged from mental health services! I’m discharged! That’s so cool. I’m really happy.  It’s shown me how far I’ve come and how much I’ve worked through.  I can get referred back to services by my GP if I ever need to in the future, I was discharged before briefly, but I’m hoping that this time it’s permanant or certainly much much longer!  I’m getting used to feeling this well and being level isn’t so boring after all.  I still have lots of good energy and I have my DRIVE back again.  I have some direction and lots of goals to hit.  It’s all good. 

Illness and the mind

I’ve taken this morning off work but possibly all day. I’ve been feeling rough since Saturday with a cough and some virus thing. I fought it off about 3 times before Christmas with my mind. I was too busy to be unwell and didn’t allow my mind to think about it.  I’m still really busy but don’t have drastic deadlines to meet and as it’s shown it’s head a bit again I’ve decided to allow it to come through a bit.  My body is telling me I need a short rest. I felt really unwell until about 11 yesterday morning but stopped myself thinking about it until after work when I felt rubbish again. One thing that I’m pleasantly surprised about is that it’s not affected my mental health because in the past it would of done. I have lots of drive again and lots of goals and I think this is partly why it’s not affecting me. I might go in to work this afternoon. I’m unsure at the moment though.  I might not go to band practice either as it’ll finish late. I cancelled my drumming lesson yesterday as I knew it might affect the virus thing. 

Looking forwards and looking back

This morning I’ve made myself stick to my routine and woke up at 6:15am.  I finished work a few days ago and it would be so easy to lay in and let myself do much less than normal but I don’t want that.  I want to keep my focus on where I am heading with life and not slip backwards into past ways and thoughts.  

In September I set myself the goal of getting out of my business overdraft by the end of the year, even if it was only briefly.  A few weeks later I did it so set a higher goal.  I wanted £8k in the business by the end of the year. A month or so later I did that too, although I did spend it out on wages and materials and did go back into the overdraft for a few days.  So having hit that goal, and going back into the overdraft briefly, I decided to aim for having £10k in the business by the end of the year.  On Friday I hit £9,821! I have bills out and am owed close to £1k.  Even if by 31st I don’t quite hit £10k I’m still more than pleased at how I’ve turned things around, and a good amount of that money isn’t mine, that I’m setting much bigger goals from now onwards.  

I’ve realised I’m looking forwards much more than looking back now. Although this morning I sat in front of the fire and had a fight with my thinking.  I wasn’t fully awake and my thoughts were slightly gloomy and were about all of the worst stuff I’ve done in life and how my upbringing was.  So I caught those thoughts and told them I’m in charge now and that I’m not putting up with any of it.   Such a strange thing to be able to do now and such an amazing thing too.   I’ve since sat down and written out some life goals and will also add to my daily goals shortly, which I set down last night.  

How amazing how life can change.  It is true that the path of life flows where attention and focus go.  Something else I find strangely amusing and very amazing is that this blog, this thing of me just writing my thoughts, my feelings, my crapiness, my awesomeness, my joy, my goals and some of my life in has almost 5,000 subscribers.  It blows my mind a little.  More than a little in fact.  

For anyone reading this and needing some help please go and find some help it really is out there but it’s also inside too.  Keep going as it can and does get better the more you put in too. For everybody reading this I send my best wishes to you all on what the calendar says is Christmas Eve.  Much love.  

Sleep makes a difference

I had a sleep when I got in yesterday after work.  It’s made a huge difference as I felt grotty and tired.  I felt like I was coming down with a cold or something. I went to bed early too. Today I feel good again and everything is great.  I did feel tiredabout9:30am but it soon passed.  I’m still getting up around 6am.  

 I’m finishing work tomorrow for the Christmas holidays and it’s good.   I could do with the short break and I can reasses my goals while off work.  I’ll also practice drumming more.  I need to keep on top of it again as I’m in a local band now.   I’m going to write out more goals and keep pushing towards bigger ones.  I know there will be side steps and also some setbacks in some ways but I’ll keep going and accept its part of life.   Life is short enough without me holding myself back, punishing myself or taking things far too seriously.   I’ve accepted I could get unwell again and that’s something I’ll face when or if it happens.  My plan to stay well means keeping a few things in check and watching over myself a lot more than I realised but that’s all ok.   Having some passion and drive in life is helping with that.  

A late night, broken sleep and mood

Last Wednesday I was late to bed as I had my first band practice/audition.  I played for close to 3 hours and it went well but it meant I was later to bed and that coupled with excitement made me more tired than usual.   I still got up as usual on the Thursday.  

Friday night I went to bed reasonably early to nip tiredness in the bud but I had a slight pain in my right side.  I fell sleep easily enough, as usual, but Rhiannon came in and woke me by jumping on the bed a bit.  I’ve no idea what was going on.  Anyway about 11:45 I woke up with pain in my side. Not an ache but biliary colic again.  It wasn’t severe like before and I think it was caused by being tired, working lots lately and not drinking enough from the Wednesday onwards.   I came down and lay on the sofa after lots of shuffling around in bed.   I eventually dozed off and woke again about 2am and went back to bed. I still got up as usual around 6 am and went to work.      

The rest of Saturday I was very grouchy and snappy.  I knew I had to get some rest as I could see where it could head to fast if I didn’t and there’s no way I wanted to get to that state or place in my head and mental health.   So yesterday I slept until 7:30am and had a slightly relaxed day.  I still got lots done but this morning, after another good nights sleep, I feel rested and ready for my day ahead.  

 I’m going to work until Thursday evening at the latest this week.  Then take time off before and after Christmas.   Over Christmas I’m going to keep to my routine of getting up early otherwise it makes it harder in January mentally and also it throws so much of normality out for me.   While off I’m going to get a few things done at home, at the field and at the allotments to keep myself focused.  I’m also going to go through my goals for each week, month, year and years ahead and fine tune them a little more.  

One goal I had for the end of this year was to get my business out of its overdraft, it had been in it for the last 3 years.  I was £9938 into a £10k overdraft on 4th September this year and having only £60 available scared me, BUT it gave me huge focus and incentive to do it. About a month later I did it. I got out of the overdraft.   So I changed my goal. I decided I wanted £8k in the business before December 31st. About a month ago I had almost £7k in the business in the black not the red and changed my goal to £10k in there instead.  It’s down to just over £3k at the minute but with some money that’s owed, some bills I have just sent out and a bill I can make out in a day or two I have a ‘theoretical’ balance of about £11k!  A huge chunk of it will be for materials, VAT (which goes out mid February) , the plumber and the electrician but of pretty much done it!  Amazing but it’s given me even more drive to get more goals ticked off like clearing my personal credit card (which I’ve switched to a 0% interest card on balance transfers), to get out of my personal overdraft, to look to get a loan paid off and then to get a lot of money together to do some things with to increase my income.  

 I guess my point is that if one can get mentally well or ‘stable’ and use the energy, drive and passion they have to get focused on good goals they can turn things around.  I write out daily goals as well as bigger ones.  I even wrote out daily work goals and weekly work goals.  It’s a great feeling seeing them get ticked off.