Stuffs going on and getting real

It’s been a while since I posted in here. Lots has happened some I’ll post about separately though. For now however I’d like to share this website. I’ve chatted privately with Gemma and Samantha through Twitter although they maybe don’t know who I am. What I can say is they’re absolute stars and care very much about helping others by talking all things mental health etc. They do a  Twitter spaces most weeks which is also a podcast. Take a look at their website.



That feeling

I’m getting the feeling that great things are heading my way. It gives me chills down my spine.  I’m manifesting my better reality now. Life is moving forwards to great things. I embrace it. It flows to me. Life is good. Life is there to be lived fully. 

Life is good

Life is good.  Ive found focus again. Where we let our thoughts go to is where our life heads. If we think everything is wrong in the world our lives start to feel wrong. If we see the good in the world life becomes good. Each time I get a bad though, which can be often, I register it and then try to find something good to focus on.  It’s a fine line between thinking it’s best not to give a fuck and thinking it’s good to give a good fuck.  I’m taking control again and it’s amazing to see synchronicity peeping at me again. Talking with people and realising we share almost the same thinking and about to say the exact same words tells me on back on the good path although it’s ever winding. There’s a lot of shot going on in the world and it shouldn’t be ignored but it also shouldn’t be all one gives time to.  We can only ever change ourselves and our thinking first before we look to change other things. I’m finding now I’m feeling good life seems better and I’m getting along with others better too.  Spring helps too. I often wonder if I’ll make it through winter but each winter is easier.  I’ve found a like minded friend in America who I chat too about life and investing and they’re an enormous help. We run things past each other and now my thinking is more on track I’m noticing nee investment opportunities too which hopefully help my friends too.  Since investing more money and time into creating a brighter future I’ve noticed my future and my now seem brighter.  It amazes me how life hasn’t gotten harder because of investing so much, in fact it’s all good, and I’m amazed at how much I now have invested. Little acorns grow into mighty oaks!  Life is good.  

From the depths of despair the beast awakens.

It’s time has come.

Blood flows through its veins.

Dark and bitter within.  

Smoke rises from the fires oh hell.

The power floods forth.

Will angels come to the fight once again?

The battles are long and hard.

Darkness falls as the light fades.

We all fade to black. 

3am on the side of a road

It’s 3am. It’s New Year’s Day. I’m sat on the side of a road.  I’ve got up, got dressed and had to leave.  My brain is playing up, bordering on psychosis at a guess. Not good. Everything is fucking up. Kara is drinking most nights. She’s getting sarky with me a lot. Funny nasty remarks when others aren’t around. Passive aggressive behaviour. It’s fucking me up. I’m not much better.  New Year’s Eve I was asleep by 10pm. There was no point staying up. She went to bed at 7:30 drunk and being sarky. I’ve had enough. I think I’ll put the house on the market and fuck it all off. I can’t be doing with it. The bills are too expensive. We should never have moved there. I was pressured to move even while my mum was dying. Fuck it all. Years later it’s no better.  My daughter wonders why I’m always grumpy. She’s up nearly all night. Our electricity is going up to over £400 a month. A.  Fucking. Month. Most of the bills I pay. Enough. It has to stop. My daughter is also drinking when she shouldn’t be. I wonder where she gets that from… do I go home or do I go fill up my van somewhere abd just go…



Edit. I’m home. I did manage to run a deer over on the way home. It’s neck broke. I reversed to check on it. I should have put it in the van for the freezer really.  I also haven’t mentioned the violent thoughts I’ve been having tonight of very graphic violences.  Not good.  I should sleep.  

Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day. A day we remember those who fought and died for our freedoms. Freedoms that have been draining away fir the last 20 months. More will go. People are sacked for refusing to take an injection they don’t want. The government are seriously coercing people within the NHS to take it now. They’re threatening over 65’s that if they don’t have subsequent  boosters they will be banned from public places. Tyranny is alive a d well here in the UK. Maybe it’s the early days of fascism, abd I don’t say that lightly. Brother is fighting with brother. Neighbour disagreeing with neighbour. Some vaxxed calling unvaxxed dirty. This isn’t going to go down a nice path. It’s actually all pretty nefarious. If you don’t see it you need to start taking notice. Jewish people are feeling more threatened than ever in the UK by people entering the country illegally. UK lifeboats are going out into the Channel picking up illegal immigrants, usually men in their 20’s, and aren’t available for rescuing broken down fishermen, along with border force. Things are getting fucking shitty. The UK is in a very very dodgy place right now.  It’s NOT going to get better any time soon either.  Get prepared because we have a rogue government being influenced and controlled by outside forces. Lots of 2, 3 and 4 letter organisations are taking over the west. They’re all interwoven like a spiders web. A venomous spider at that. Depopulation is one of the end goals along with total control of people and resources.  It’s well underway already. Time is running out. 

Time flys

It’ll soon be my birthday again. God time flys. Where has the last year gone? What has happened? What’s changed? So much to think about. 

Divide and conquer

We are living in the strangest times I have ever known.  I am the most mentally well I have been for a long while, slight dips but nothing unusual.  There’s far more going on than a virus. 2019 is a memory. Things are not intended to back to how they were then. It’s all a ‘new normal’ which is far from normal and has been planned for a long while. Articles and files have been written explaining it fir decades. Books too. They always tell you what they’re going to do. Depopulation is happening too. They want us fighting amongst each other and divided.  It’s how they win. It’s how they always push their twisted agendas through.  There’s more ‘vaccinations’ coming along with vaccine passports. Movements will be restricted more and more. If you’re double jabbed soon you’ll need a third shot or you’ll be classed as unvaccinated, look at Israel. Then a fourth. Then a fifth. Soon you’ll need the jabs to keep your immunity ok because you’ll be dependant on it as your immune system is shot to pieces. Experts have been silenced for speaking out but they still keep trying to warn of the dangers.  Soon people will look down on the unvaccinated as dirty. They’ll have to wear a badge or sticker when going into medical facilities, some are already refusing to treat non vaccinated in some countries.  How far down this road will you have to be before you see the global tyranny for what it is? It’s coordinated. Governments and leaders around the world are using the same catch phrases and buzzwords. Why? They’re hypnotising the masses. They’re brainwashing people through mass hypnosis. Just wait until they set up the ‘treatment camps’ for those refusing to go along with it all….

the ramblings of a builder who is bipolar